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Soli - Touchless interactions

Binfas K

            A recent project was launched by Google named Soli, which uses miniature radar to detect touch less gesture interactions, which was  launched in Google’s I/O 2016 conference, by  Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects group, or Google ATAP (Advance Technology And Project Group) . Google ATAP group mainly focuses on  mobile hardware technology. This new project focuses on human gestures which are captured using radar sensors attached in Soli, which functions similar to the Leap Technology and other gesture tracking controllers.The radar incorporated in Soli is a miniature form which is different from the conventional form of radar sizing to that of a briefcase. Its size ranges from 8 mm x 10 mm. Soli has got no movable parts. It is smaller than a dime and include an array of antenna. It can fit into a chip and consumes little energy only.

The radar in Soli will be emitting radio signals to the human hand in front of it. These radio signals will be scattered by the human hand, which is the interface for the device. This scattered rays reflected back in the form of energy will be ejected back to the radar antenna. Thereby the radar will be able to detect the  hand movements in real time. The sensors in radar can capture even the very minute motions of human hand and fingers in the 3D space. The interaction sensor in radar, which works as per the principle of Dopler effect can sense up to 60 GHz and can captures motions of a rate of ten thousand frames per second. The hand motions are captured by the radar as electro magnetic signals, which are formed as a part of reflecting the radio signals by the human hand interface. Radar can sense these signals as it has the  generalized gesture recognition pipeline incorporated in it. The movements are converted to machine language using the pre- programmed language translator.It can detect swipes, fits or other crossing fingers signals.  
The project silo may have different applications. It may be widely used in the areas of medical field and gadgets. The gadgets in which the project can be incorporated include Smart phones, smart watches, gaming and other IoT devices. 
As of now we are mainly using the Voice commands as the best way of interaction with devices. But though the Project Silo may take time to be delivered, it is certain that it can definitely make a revolution in the current technology employed.