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7 Things to Improve Engagement in Instagram

Mehar Bodhi

Great engagement in Instagram is essential for the growth and it is not something we can just ignore. All we need to do is some basic research about how we can improve engagement in Instagram by doing what or how.

Here are some simple strategies that improve the engagement in your Instagram account.

1. Find new contents or recommendations by category which we might like, which will appear when we select the search button. Before going to post something on Instagram, we need to study what type of contents are posted by competitors, and how they generate engagements. Instagram is mostly about engagements and good contents.  So we should be careful about the contents which we post. We can find accounts which have or possess the same type of contents as yours. In the search part, we can find the recommendations category wise by Instagram itself.

2. By engaging with a post right after when it has been posted. If a post is having some major engagements within the first hour of posting, the Instagram algorithm will find it as something great and there occurs a chance to be shown to all followers. Engage with posts of others shortly before and after posting something to feed, which will increase the chance of people visiting the profile, liking most recent post within the first hour of posting, and thus boosting the visibility of post on the platform.

3. Use long-tail hashtags for posts can improve engagement on Instagram. The usual or regularly used hashtag won’t let your post to be on top because of the huge number of pots which are used with the same. So it’s better to use some less used hashtags mixed up with long-tail ones.

4. Instagram posts having captions will generate more engagement and encourage users to spend more time looking at the post, which is believed to be an advantage with the current algorithm as it prioritizes content by engagement. The content is the king, and it is always. So better to use some great captions for the posts.

5. Replying to comments is vital to keep the conversation going and helps to place your post on top of your followers’ feeds. As engagement improves, Instagram will recognize post as a valuable piece of content that will probably also be interesting to others. Don’t hesitate to reply to your comments directly, it will give them a sense of attachment. 

6. You can do the study manually with the help of Instagram Insights; by testing different posting times, and by creating a well-organized spreadsheet to monitor all your data to improve engagement. Or, you can use some social media analytics tool which will do all the stuff for you.

7. Engagements on Instagram also depends on the stories. There are a number of things you can do to create your stories more engaging that keeps your audience interested. Instagram Stories can draw the attention of the followers to new posts on feed and can improve engagement on Instagram. Nowadays stories are gaining more acceptance and many are trying to give something special in their stories.

Implementing all of these tactics will improve the engagement rate, keep the audience interested and attract new followers to Instagram account.