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Chatbots And SEO

Mehar Bodhi

What once were dumb machines are getting smarter enough that we can engage with them in a very humanly way. Once there was a time, 10 years ago where chatbots appeared for the first time. People rejected it as they didn’t find anything exceptional in chatbots. Trends changed, Time changed and the World came face to face with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence.

Messaging apps have grown to a new level and its an essential part of our lives more than social media. Nowadays more people are opting chatbots as their source of information. Many businesses use them for interacting with their customers. Around 67% of consumers worldwide used chatbots for customer support in last year.

But what is the relation of Chatbots and SEO?

Chatbots with machine learning and AI technology can give you results based on user interest. Collaborating a chatbox can certainly improve the SEO ranking if the search engine includes it in their algorithm. It uses AI to learn from responses and can engage with a customer in a conversation like a human. It drops down the bounce rate and increases dwell time and thereby impacts SEO.

It also provides customer support by giving relevant pieces of information to them so people can save their time scrolling through the website. In short, Chatbots make digital experience more interactive and interesting. Most of the business websites are keen to include them as they help to improve user experience and Google also takes customer experience to determine the ranking of websites. Its a fact that chatbots are trending and many from the tech world believes that it can start a revolution in the field of SEO.