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Sarahah: Anonymity of Messages

Binfas K

The tech world recently saw Sarahah making the headlines. This app from Middle East upon its release on US and UK gained much popularity among the users as such it became one of the most downloaded apps in play store. Sarahah doesn’t offer much service like its contemporaries in the messaging and social media world. But they offered something that everyone seeks for, Anonymity in messaging!

Let’s take a look at this new App and its features.

What is Sarahah?

Sarahah is an anonymous messaging app. It offers its users the freedom of anonymity. Once a user registers he can share his profile link that lets anyone with that link to message the user. The recipient has no way of knowing who the sender is.

Sarahah was initially developed as a website to help employees post their reviews about the employers. Those reviews were anonymous and it gave the employees the freedom to express themselves without the fear of getting fired.  Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq the man behind the Sarahah app initially developed it as a web service. Later he went on to add features so as it could be used for personal messaging. This unique feature took it to the top of the list on both play store and iOS App Store soon after it was released.

How does Sarahah work?

Like every other app once you download the Sarahah app you will have to setup an account with your credentials. This app doesn’t require your mobile number, the reason behind its anonymity. Once logged din you can share your Sarahah link through social media networks. Anyone who has the link will be able to message you. For that they just have to click the link and a text box will appear with a message “Leave a constructive message”. People can type in their messages and hit send. When a user receives a text they just get the message without any identity of the sender.

Sarahah is an Arabic term which means honesty and this app particularly gives you too much honest reviews!