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Money transfers through Whatsapp

Binfas K
           Whats App, founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009 is a freeware and cross-platform instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service and is the most popular messaging app of the twenty-first century. The application runs on a mobile device though it is also accessible from desktop computers; the service uses standard cellular mobile numbers
Whats App has recently  launched a peculiar feature for its Beta Users called Unified Payment Interface- a payment system which is similar to that of BHIM app.This feature is implemented in the Interface of the Whats App. 
A user with updated Whats App installed in his/her mobile phone can use this feature. In case if it is not present, he/she need to update their Whats App  application. The user can find  the payment feature in the Settings part of the application. If it is not found, the user need to seek the assistance of another Whats App user with the Payment feature running in it. When the other user touches the payment button in their Whats App in making payment for the second user, it becomes active in the second user Whats App application.
The new user of Whats App payment feature, now can find the Payment button in the Settings menu of the Whats App application in their Interface.  For making any payments through Whats App, the user need to select Payment option from the Settings Menu. Now Accept and Continue all the specifications asked. Verify the phone number of the user via SMS. Allow all the permissions asked in the feature.Next step will be for selecting the active SIMs in the phone used by the Whats App user.The selected SIM number should be linked with the Bank where the user holds his/her Account. Now for continuing the process of making payment, the user need to select the respective bank name from the list of names provided in the interface. User can provide their bank account number and press done option for proceeding with the payment. There by the Whats App mobile number of the user will be linked with the Bank Account of the user. For setting the pin number, the user can provide the ATM card details. More than one bank account can be linked with the same Whats App number of the user. 
For making the final step of payment to any of the Whats App contact of the user, he/she need to open the chat box of that particular person. Payment option can be seen in the Attachment icon in the chat box. The user need to select the Payment option, enter the amount to be transferred, reason for making the transaction and press Enter. The amount will be send to the respective person from the account of Whats App user.


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