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Features Of Android Oreo Takes It Above An Ordinary OS.!!

Ambika Bodhi


The latest version of Android, Oreo is quickly picking up its pace in the smartphone market. With the leading companies rolling out the new version into their handsets Oreo has clearly proved to be worthy.


Let’s check out how worthy it’s than its predecessor Nougat.

What’s new in the Oreo dunk!!
Ever wished to watch the video simultaneously with other tasks? Oreo brings it to you. With the new
Picture-in-picture mode Oreo allows you to run video apps over other tasks.  your video is reduced to a
smaller window and you can continue using your phone as the screen will no longer be blocked by the
video. YouTube surfers this is for you!!! Android Instant Apps, the new feature which provide access to
apps instantly without requiring a download for limited interactivity ,notification dots, which tell you
when there’s activity within a specific app with a dot in the corner; and auto-fill for apps, which is like
the feature on the web but for individual Android applications. It’s a handful right!

It’s not over yet

Security concerns are a major pullback to android devices. With Oreo its bit more improved. With the
new remote location, locking and wiping with Find My Device, and Google Play Protect, which scans for,
detects and automatically deletes malicious apps on a daily basis, the risk is reduced.

After these major changes let’s look into the comparison.

Background Execution Limits:

The background tasks are limited with options. The new design takes care of the options available for
background apps. This increases the battery life and performance.

Better Notifications:
The notifications in Android Oreo have undergone a grand change from Nougat. More features and
notification access enables more user-friendly experience.

New Audio Codecs:
With the introduction of additional support feature for Bluetooth audio codecs and the changes to how
Android handles the audio focus gives a head start for Oreo.

Downloadable fonts and Adaptive Icons:
Android now supports downloadable fonts. It is an important advancement for Android, reducing app file
sizes in the process. Adaptive launcher icons are another subtle but valuable change which will bring a lot
more consistency to Android. Adaptive icons will also be available with Oreo, meaning that you will have
access to different icon shapes for your apps and will be able to customize them.

Bluetooth 5:

The bigger update is the Bluetooth 5.Which extends and enhances Bluetooth Low Energy aspects and
provides either greater speed or greater range to classic Bluetooth?