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Exposing The Myths And Facts Of Software Development

Ambika Bodhi

In this troublesome world, industry-persistent myths grow like the virus. Unfortunately, software product development is not an exception. There are so many misunderstandings about software development that makes companies making a decision on software development a hectic task. So it’s obvious to understand the myths and facts.

Let’s Make A Difference Between Myths & Facts

Myth #1 : Product Development is Mechanical just like Manufacturing
Fact        : Product Development is as unique as your Fingerprint

          Software development is not like manufacturing a product inside a manufacturing unit. It’s unique in terms of business needs and is not comparable anymore. It is an art and requires intense technical proficiency to bring the latest technology to business.

Myth #2 : In-House Developers over Outsourcing Makes More Sense
Fact         : Remote IT Specialists Are Your Tech-Bouncers

          The late adopters of technology are those who still hesitate to deal with remote IT supporters. The fact is, outsourcing partners are the tech specialists holding intense experience to craft up-to-date software product for the varied industry needs. And the security provided by them is unbeatable by an in-house developer since they provide that much importance to it.

Myth #3 : Product Development Is Linear Like Driving On Free Way
Fact        : Every Product Development Is As Distinct As Alley In Your Home!

          Building a software product is not just replicating pre-decided plan on the go. As the tasks are always unique and evolving, requirements and even scope may change by the time. The uncertainty is sometimes taken for granted at the time of feature variability, technology roll-outs, external market force, unexpected delays, new test cases, research, etc.

Myth #4 : ‘More Is Always Good’ for Customers
Fact         : Right Value-Add Features Matter

          Right software development is too focused to define the business problem clearly. Integrating more features do not relate to gain more attention. Rather, concentration to build wow features and determining value make a difference. In software systems, revolutionary functions that simplify a process is widely appreciated by the customers.

Myth #5 : Adding Extras Is Not a Big Deal
Fact         : Adding extra features really matter.

          In order to stay up in the volatile tech arena, it is must to evolve continuously to fulfill ever changing customer demands. At times, the need for add-on modules or features arise, which is non-identical to the original scope. It requires similar or more efforts as developing a new software and that matters!

Myth #6 : Custom Development Is Only For Big Companies

Fact          : A Custom Software Suits Businesses Of All-Sizes!

          Just like every fish need water to swim all businesses need a tailor-made software that exactly satisfies their need. Custom itself means to suit your needs! Still, the rumor many believe, customization is an expensive process and for large enterprises only. Rather the truth is, customization has no connection with the company size.

Myth #7 : The Release Of Software Is The End!

Fact          : Software Development Is Never Ending Process

        Many entrepreneurs believe that the final release of a software means the end of the earth. Software development is never ending process as the technology does not take rest and keeps on moving. To match up the modern times, the software product needs to be loaded frequently with enhanced versions.

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