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Digital Marketing in Trend

Binfas K

The development of mobile technology has played an important role in shaping the impact of digital marketing and the social media. Social media has got a wider impact on society. According to the study of New York Times Consumer Insight Group, 94% of the respondents uses social media for sharing valuable information. 49% of influence actions about products by sharing. 84% of the respondents uses social media for supporting a cause or any issue that they strongly feel about. 68% of the respondents uses social media for their self promotion.

Gone are those days, where a simple leaflet is enough for promoting your business. This is the era where people are loving virtual than reality. According to the 2015 data, the average user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms, which represents about 28% of all online activity. (Source: Global Web Index). With the vast expansion of online media, entrepreneurs look for setting up a platform for
strengthening their online presence and if they want to walk hand-in-hand with this globalized world, then they should choose the right place for marketing.

To become a successful digital marketing expert, there are no shortcuts. The basic requirements include the following;
1) Knowledge about marketing
2) Good understanding of the social media and the techniques used for marketing
3) Basic understanding of core elements of digital marketing. This include SEO( Search Engine Optimization), Content marketing, rate optimization etc.

With this knowledge, it cant be assured that one can step into the world of digital marketing. The way of promoting your business today is not the same as you did it yesterday, especially in social media. The type of promotion also changes with the kind of viewers, number of followers and time. A simple poster with heavy contents were attractive for the audiences of 2015, but with the change in scenario, people of present day finds posters with dark background with no or less contents to be far more appealing to them. As you reduce the contents, it gets marketed more today.

No experience is proportional to good observation and learning. A digital marketer should be keen in observing the trends in the marketing realm and get to learn with the changes when required.