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Accelerated Artificial Intelligence

Binfas K
        AI has been marking a blast in the technological era since years. With the aid of AI, even the very minute routine activities of mankind have been mechanized. Robots have become much more familiar to individuals as AI made robots” smarter”. China has the highest growth in a number of robots it posses. With the development in the skill and number of Humanlike Robots and their rate of employment in the developed regions, the share of investments in artificial intelligence has increased in the spectrum. The threat of deeds, if any, with the advancements in Robotics against mankind is still in the air, but with the introduction of newer technologies, the impact of these factors is anticipated to be minimal.
           The market size of artificial intelligence is expected to be around $19,478 million by 2022. As the robots have replaced human labor, nearly 65% of  European Union Countries have robots working equivalent to 10,000 human employees in various industries. According to the 2016 World Robotics Report, by 2019, 40% of the worldwide market volume of industrial robots will be sold in China alone. The growth in investment in artificial intelligence has hiked, as the ROI(Return On Investment) in AI is delivering results in various industrial and medical realms.