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Make your video call through Google assistant.

Habil Hussain

Google assistant will now dial you calls on Google’s video chat mobile app ‘duo’. This new update enables us to just ask Google assistant to make calls including international ones. Using Google duo this feature would enable the users to make a call from their phone, contacts and messages app. Google duo is an update by Google that enables one to one video and voice calls. Its application interface is simple to use and it relies on the phone number the user is using.
Google posted on this new update that if the user is using Google assistant, then he can start a ‘Duo’ video call by commanding or typing. The update was released on the latest version duo application for both Android and IOS based smartphones and tablets. Users who use the 8.0 version of Android may have to sync their duo application settings using the account sync option. The settings tab on Google Assistant now also shows a renamed Voice and Video call section where you can link your Google Duo account with the Assistant manually.
So, how does Google Assistant let you make video calls via Google Duo? Give a command to Google Assistant to make a video call to any of your contacts, and it will automatically switch to Duo to perform the task.
When you download the Duo app for your IOS or Android device you have to agree to Google’s privacy policy and terms of service. Once that is completed you are required to feed your phone number and have to register just like WhatsApp works. Your Duo app will be registered once the verification is over.
This new update may take some time to spread as the acceptance of the new version by the users have to be analyzed. For the users who have not installed the duo app the call could get redirected to Google’s own Hangout, the messaging and video chat platform.