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Happy news for Google Maps lovers. Google launched video reviews for Maps

Binfas K

Still we’re far away from real  time street view in google. But to help people, now Google  came up with the idea of video reviews. People who are part of  Company’s local guides program can now post video reviews of places. To upload video reviews to Maps, the user has to select a place in Maps, select “add photo” tap the “camera” icon and then hold the shutter to record a short video of 10 second length. Else they can add a video of 30 second length from their camera roll. This feature is available on Android device only for now. Since it’s on the testing stage Google launched it without much fanfare. But now they started to notify users via e-mail.


The new feature may give a boost for Businesses like Restaurants, Resorts and Tourist places since they can convey exactly how they look and customers can learn a lot about a place by seeing it in motion. Reports show that Google Maps overtook the Google Search app for fourth place in number of unique visitors with over 95 million users. It trails only Facebook, Messenger and YouTube in unique visitors.

That means nowadays people search for places in Google Maps on the go and if one business could provide a video visualizing what they are it will improve the user experience and will eventually help in the growth of business because it provides better visibility

But business people should bear in mind the factor that just adding a good quality video alone won’t help your business grow using Google Maps. It’s very important to add location specific contents Online, which will improve visibility.

Posting frequently on Facebook will improve the online presence of any firm and it’s a valuable signal to Google. Getting good reviews are another thing that will improve the reach of your business among people. Good reviews will attract people to your business.


In order to verify your business on Google, first your business needs a Google+ page. The search engine favours verified businesses, so take time to confirm the information Google has by postcard or phone; or, depending on the size of your business, instant or bulk verification may be available. For businesses, online reviews are one of the best direct channels for customer feedback. And these reviews have impact on business. To promote customers to review try to respond to every review they have posted on your page. Which will improve engagement and make others to write a review.

It’s important for businesses to get on the map and acquire good reviews quickly because superior visibility will serve businesses well and the new Video review feature of Google Map has wide scope.